Strategy & Vision

The Northampton Primary Academy Trust Partnership (NPAT) is a collaboration of the following schools:

  • Abington Vale Primary School
  • Ecton Brook Primary School
  • Headlands Primary School
  • Lings Primary School
  • Simon de Senlis Primary School
  • Weston Favell Primary School

With responsibility for approximately 2400 children across Northampton, NPAT is driven by a vision of innovation, high aspiration and achievement, and a commitment to sport and the arts. This approach is encapsulated in our motto:

‘Extraordinary Children Doing Extraordinary Things’

NPAT schools all share this common vision and are committed to these principles, whilst retaining the freedom to innovate and develop their own identity and character.

The Partnership is built on the principle of synergy; that a collaboration of vibrant and successful schools ensures that we can achieve collectively what a single school couldn’t achieve alone. NPAT improves our schools using collaboration and innovation through partnership working that brings together children, parents, teachers and school leaders,

‘My school is your school; your children are ‘our’ children.’

Within the partnership, schools will have differing strengths and needs at different times and all schools are committed to an ethos of mutual support and sharing of practice.

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”

George Bernard Shaw

Strategic Plan

1. Learning & Teaching

All children within the NPAT Partnership will benefit from the highest standards of teaching. This will be delivered through the following outcomes:

  • Teaching across the trust is consistently good or outstanding in every classroom
  • Academic Outcomes are consistently above national expectation
  • All schools are at least good or outstanding as defined by OFSTED

2. Curriculum

Children within the partnership will have access to a relevant, engaging and inspiring curriculum that provides opportunities and creativity to develop the whole child. Our curriculum approach is underpinned by the 21st Century Learning Design Framework and Growth Mindset, with each school free to innovate and develop curriculum approaches relevant to their context and needs alongside the following trust-wide curriculum commitments:

  • NPAT Maths
  • NPAT Digital Strategy
  • Drama for Learning
  • Wider opportunities in Sports and the Arts
  • Every child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument for an extended period of time
  • All schools within the partnership will achieve the ArtsMark and Sportsmark awards

3. Inclusion & Safeguarding

Nothing is more important than keeping all our children safe, especially the most vulnerable. The NPAT Partnership is also fully committed to ensuring that children with SEND, those eligible for Pupil Premium Grant funding and other vulnerable groups are able to achieve as highly as possible. Schools within the partnership will have the most rigorous and updated procedures and policies which help keep children in our care safe. We will ensure that all vulnerable groups of children achieve highly, when compared to their peers nationally, through the following measures:

  • All schools will be subjected to an annual safeguarding audit
  • All schools will work towards and achieve the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM)
  • Behaviour and Safety of children will be outstanding in all our schools

4. People

The quality of teaching in our schools is only as good as the staff who work in them and therefore we aim to recruit, develop and retain high quality a staff who embody our values. We value the wellbeing of our staff and therefore invest in our staff through high quality professional development, induction and leadership support and mentoring.

5. Trust Development

The NPAT Partnership has ensured that all six of its existing schools are now good or outstanding and is now committed to both sustaining this, and also expanding the trust so that it can impact on a higher number of schools and children in the county, playing our part in improving standards across the county. Sustaining progress and ensuring best value for all partner schools over the next 3 years, NPAT aims to:

  • Grow from 6 to between 12 and 15 schools
  • Develop an infrastructure which provides greater management/administration support to schools, offering value and leaving schools focused on pupils, learning and teaching
  • Development and implementation of an action plan to put in place robust policies, procedures and processes across finance, HR, Marketing, Legal and Safety disciplines.
  • All new academies that enter into the trust will need to fulfil one or more of the following criteria:
  • Within our existing geographical catchment and in need of support socially and academically
    • A Leadership team that will benefit the trust as a whole
    • A new build academy that introduce new learning principles and space
    • An academy that can offer financial benefit to the trust

6. Leadership

Our focus is on creating inspirational and forward thinking leadership at multiple levels- from subject leaders, leadership teams and governing bodies through to Head teachers and Directors. Our approach to delivering high quality leadership will be:

  • A Board of Directors, accountable to its members, that operates ethically and transparently, focused on meeting the strategic objectives
  • An operating board of Head Teachers that drive development across the trust and within their own academies
  • A consistent approach to governance across the academies and a recruitment process that attracts the best voluntary talent to our governing bodies
  • Ensuring we allow our future leaders to grow and develop within the trust operating a policy of recruiting from within the trust
  • To continually review and influence succession planning across all leadership levels