Stanton Cross Primary School

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We are an ambitious, innovative and inclusive school community, driven to ensure that all the children reach their aspirational potential and be the best that they can be - academically, socially and physically. 

At our school, the children are at the centre of all that we do.  We are about developing the character of the 'whole child' to understand themselfothers and their world enabling firm foundations to be secured for their next steps in education and life beyond...

I have the privilege of leading a professional, dedicated and enthusiastic staff team; together we have established a dynamic, vibrant and inspirational environment where high quality learning is front and centre.  We proactively invest in, and we are dedicated to ensure that all of the children are taught by a brilliant teacher every day.  Our interim Values of DARE (Determination, Achievement, Respect and Understanding) underpin secure, positive and productive relationships amongst all members of our school community.

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Stanton Cross Primary School

4 Waverley Drive,

Tel: 01933 594 049


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NPAT is a collaboration of 14 great primary schools, driven by a vision to achieve educational excellence; creating opportunities and enriching lives. 

This approach is encapsulated in our motto: 

‘Achieving Extraordinary Things’