Our Team

The Partnership is built on the principle of synergy; that a collaboration of vibrant and successful schools ensures that we can achieve collectively what a single school couldn’t achieve alone. NPAT improves our schools using collaboration and innovation through partnership working that brings together children, parents, teachers and school leaders.

The quality of teaching in our schools is only as good as the staff who work in them and therefore we aim to recruit, develop and retain high quality a staff who embody our values. We value the well-being of our staff and therefore invest in our staff through high quality professional development, induction and leadership support and mentoring.

Our HR strategy therefore aims:

  • To outline the vision and direction of NPAT's workforce strategy to ensure that we recruit and retain the best team for every school.
  • To provide a vision and structure for our school leaders.
  • To ensure that our staff/teams feel valued at work and confident that we will recruit, retain and develop the best people.

If you are interested in becoming part of the NPAT team please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Julia Kedwards to discuss current vacancies within the Trust.

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NPAT is a collaboration of 14 great primary schools, driven by a vision to achieve educational excellence; creating opportunities and enriching lives. 

This approach is encapsulated in our motto: 

‘Achieving Extraordinary Things’