Our Central Team

Julia Kedwards OBE – Chief Executive Officer

Operations and Finance

Chief Finance and Operations Officer – Julie Ricketts

Trust Human Resources Manager - Rowan Gorter

Executive Office Manager – Leanne Norris

Estates Manager – Mark Watts

Finance Officer - Vanessa Francis

Central Team Administrator – Michelle Bainbridge

Education Team

School Improvement Lead – Mark Rapps

Curriculum and Teacher Professional Development Lead – Anna Carter

Leader of Governance – Sally Perkins

NPAT Governance Professional – Rebecca Howell

English Lead – Suzanne Hughes

Maths Lead – Zoe Hall

Professional Development Lead - Sharon Green 

Associate Heads – Darren Smith, Debra Archer, Clare Searing, Joanne Fennelly and Jill Ramshaw

Education Team Administrator – Paige Rea-Richardson

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NPAT is a collaboration of 14 great primary schools, driven by a vision to achieve educational excellence; creating opportunities and enriching lives. 

This approach is encapsulated in our motto: 

‘Achieving Extraordinary Things’